3 Steps to Purchasing a Quality Diamond

Purchasing a diamond isn’t something to be done lightly. There are many kinds of diamonds available and their qualities can vary extensively. Purchasing a diamond needs to be considered a major investment, with research completed before finding a fine jeweler to buy from. Following a certain set of steps will help avoid purchasing a poor quality diamond. For those who have questions, there are fine jewelers in Riverview who are happy to assist by providing information about diamonds prior to purchase.

Know the 4Cs of Diamond Quality

Diamonds are graded on a 4C scale of quality that covers clarity, color, cut, and carat. Customers looking for a diamond can ask for a diamond grade report on a particular stone that will list that diamond’s exact grade. Knowing what to look for before speaking to a jeweler is imperative to avoid poor quality.

  • Color
    • With diamonds, color actually refers to lack of color. The less color there is in the stone, the higher the grade will be.
  • Clarity
    • Clarity refers to the number of blemishes or inclusions in a stone. The fewer of these there are the higher grade the quality will be.
  • Cut
    • The cut of a diamond is not the shape but is how the diamond was cut. It refers to the number of facets, the brilliance of the diamond, and how well the diamond was cut. Qualities range from poor to excellent.
  • Carat
    • This is the weight of the diamond. Though a higher weight increases the diamond grade, it doesn’t mean that the other qualifications will match up.

Choose a Size

The size of diamond a person wants will depend on what they are doing with it. If it’s for an engagement ring, the diamond tends to be larger. Bracelets usually consist of several smaller diamonds. Choosing high-quality diamonds means that no matter the size, they are an excellent diamond choice. It’s a good idea to go through these questions before going to a jeweler to purchase diamonds.

  • What is the diamond being purchased for?
  • What budget is available?
  • How much is the setting?
  • What grade is acceptable?

Different people have different tastes. Knowing what diamonds are among the top choices in size, color, and quality before entering a jewelry store is the best course of action.

Choose a Jeweler

When choosing a jeweler it’s important to avoid those who will potentially scheme a customer. Research jewelers near Riverview online and check out their reviews. Do they offer insurance on purchases? Are they willing to give a diamond grading report? These are things that fine jewelers with excellent service will provide a customer. Get familiar with local jewelers in the Riverview area before making a purchase of diamond rings.

Finding a professional jeweler is important when purchasing a diamond. Customer service and a good reputation are qualities that should be considered before going into the jeweler to purchase a diamond. Research can help make the difference by allowing a buyer to look through jeweler ratings. There are several excellent jewelers in Riverview who will be happy to assist with a diamond or diamond ring purchase.




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