5 Great Reasons Why Diamonds Are Anybody’s Best Friend

It’s 2018, and diamonds aren’t just for women anymore. There are few things that speak to luxury and elegance just like a diamond, and whether the look is classic or contemporary, nothing dresses up an outfit like the unmistakable sparkle of this classic gem.

In the case of the diamond, history speaks for itself. This highly sought-after gem has been a favored decoration of human beings in basically since the beginning of time, and with good reason.

And speaking of reasons, here are 5 good ones why diamonds still make some of the most classic gifts ever:

1. They are sacred, literally: Across cultures and centuries, the diamond has consistently been revered as a symbol of sacred bonds. In some ancient traditions, it is even believed to bestow special powers or healing capacity upon the wearer. Whether one considers oneself spiritual or not, it can still be fun to own a little piece of the building blocks of human history.

2. They actually last forever: Diamonds are not only beautiful, they are remarkably tough. The translation of the word ‘diamond’ in Greek is ‘unbreakable’, and this precious gem lives up to its reputation. Diamonds are formed over 250 miles below the earth’s crust, and this is what gives them their characteristic hardness. They have been known to retain their sharp cut and beautiful lines for centuries, meaning that a beautiful diamond really is a timeless investment.

3. They are one of the most prevalent symbols for love: The fact that the word actually translates to ‘unbreakable’ is a testimony to all things that this classic gem symbolizes, namely love. To give a diamond is to give more than a luxuriously shiny gem. A diamond is a symbolic proof of undying commitment and a constant reminder of the eternal nature of love itself, not to mention heartbreakingly romantic.

4. They can be passed down to future generations: A diamond piece is made to last. This combined with the unmistakable beauty and elegance of a diamond means that they are often passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Talk about a smart investment in the future. Those who are interested in having something to be remembered by should head down to a reputable Riverview jeweler today and ask about that perfect piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime and then some.

5. They look great: There is a reason that diamonds are so popular, and that is that nothing sparkles quite like a diamond. That particular brand of remarkable shine means that the diamond is the gem that is often imitated, but never replicated. Even the tiniest of diamonds will still give off the unmistakable glimmer that only a diamond has. Not to mention that nothing speaks to timeless elegance and opulence quite like a diamond.




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