5 Undeniable Signs That It Is Time to Pop the Question

Many assume that after a few years in a committed relationship, one partner should begin to think about proposing.

However, it is important to remember that what matters is not the length of time that a couple has been together. Rather, the quality of the relationship itself is always the most positive indicator of a healthy long-term commitment like marriage.


Here are some unmistakable signs that special someone might finally be THE one:

1. Everyday activities are fun. A good sign of having really found that special somebody is that chores that used to feel basic and mundane start to feel more like amusing adventures. Whether it is heading to the pharmacy or cooking up a nightly meal, if a partner consistently makes doing everyday stuff together seem like a blast, this may be a good indicator that they are a keeper.

2. Gets along with your friends. Sometimes in the heat of passion it is hard to see the thorns beyond the roses. However, the way that a partner interacts with a lover’s social group can be a good indicator of the general health of the relationship. This is because sometimes, as much as people don’t like to admit it, friends can know a person better than they know themselves. True friends are also likely to take their friends best interests into account, and if they approve of a mate it can be a good indicator that this is the right one.

3. A future together is easy to picture. Before committing to making a big decision like marriage, it is important to honestly assess long-term compatibility. Those who already live with their partners, are open about finances, and have similar expectations about what their ideal family will be are good candidates to take the plunge and commit to something more serious.

4. They are supportive. A crucial component in any happy marriage is a partnership that is mutually supportive. If a lover is showing signs of jealousy and competitiveness, it may be better to wait and ride things out. Conversely partners who are aware of and fully support everything from the most secret aspirations to the biggest ambitions of their mates make great candidates for healthy long-term commitment.

5. They have been dropping hints. Marriage is a big deal, and before asking somebody to make a lifetime commitment it can be reassuring to have an indicator that they are into the idea too. This is why having a partner who drops hints is a good sign. Whether subtle or not-so-subtle, a hint that a long-term lover would like to take things further is a helpful indicator that they are ready to commit for the long haul.

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