A Guide to Diamond Cuts and Shapes

The “cut” of a diamond refers to the number and angle of facets, all of which impact the light that is reflected from the stone.

There are ten common cuts of diamonds you will find on the jewelry market. Each cut has its own luminosity and affects the overall size of the diamond. There are different sizes, colors, and clarity, and each diamond has its own “personality”, so to speak. Riverview residents can use this guide to find the right shape diamonds to fit your needs.


Round cut diamonds are the most popular shape. An estimated 75% of diamonds sold are round cut. In addition, round cuts allow the cutter to create brilliance without losing too much of the stone, and the result is exceptional brilliance relative to the size.


The princess cut is one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings and has a bold, square shape. The princess cut falls into the class of “fancy” cuts and fits many settings nicely. This cut is very close in brilliance to the round cut.


Oval cuts are very similar in brilliance to round cuts but has the added advantage of giving the illusion of a larger size. The narrowness of the cut is based on preference. If the stone is intended to be flanked by other stones, a thinner cut may create a better look.


Marquise diamonds have a football shape with an elongated style, giving the illusion of a larger size. It has one of the largest surface areas of all of the diamond shapes.


The pear shape has one rounded and one tapered end and an exemplary diamond has perfect symmetry. It even gives the illusion of a slimmer finger.


This cut has a hallmark square cut with rounded corners. This vintage cut has been around for approximately 200 years and has recently regained popularity for its brilliance similar to a round cut.


The emerald cut has a unique rectangular shape that features a large table (the flat top surface). As opposed to the sparkle a round cut provides, the emerald cut creates a different lighting effect that is very attractive.


The asscher cut was designed in Holland in the early 1900s and is similar to the emerald cut but in a square shape. Typically, this has a more brilliant appearance than the emerald cut.


The radiant cut look beautiful with other square or rounded corner diamonds and falls somewhere in between princess and cushion cuts.


Better suited for larger sizes, the heart is the eternal symbol of love and has a unique look. It’s a beautiful choice for solitaire rings.

Finding diamond rings in Riverview should be an enjoyable experience, and with the right knowledge, you can find a gorgeous piece that will stand out in your jewelry collection.




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