The Best Places to Propose

Deciding that it’s time to pop the question and propose marriage to the woman of your dreams is an exciting moment, and it’s one that you don’t want to mess up. Men want every detail of their proposal to be perfect so they can sweep her off her feet in a way that she’s excited to recount to all her family and friends. There are so many options for how to propose and where to do it that it can seem daunting just thinking about it. When you’re ready to propose, choose one of these great locations that are sure to make the night go down in history as her most romantic moment yet.


In Nature

Take your pick from a beautiful national park or a local outdoor space where the two of you love to spend time. It doesn’t have to be fancy – any place in nature in Riverview is romantic enough on its own without you having to do anything extra, other than bringing a diamond ring. If you really want to take your proposal to the next level, bring a backpack with a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and a picnic blanket so you can celebrate when she says “yes.”


At Your Favorite Restaurant

No matter how much the two of you love to try new things together, there is always bound to be a favorite restaurant that you always return to. Your favorite restaurant, whether it’s an upscale eatery or a casual diner, makes the perfect proposal spot. She’ll never suspect a thing and will be shocked and delighted when you take her to your favorite Riverview restaurant and surprise her with a ring covered in diamonds.


At a Family Gathering

Let her share her share the most thrilling moment of her life with all her family and friends when you propose at a party or gathering. As soon as she says “yes” she’ll want to pick up the phone and tell everyone, so this saves that step and lets all her loved ones in on the joyous occasion. She will love sharing this special moment with everyone that she holds close to her heart. Christmas morning, thanksgiving dinner, or even a family summer vacation are all perfect examples of a great time to propose.


Alone at Home

There’s something to be said for taking an ordinary evening at home and turning it into a magical and memorable moment. Pick an average weekday night and surprise her when she least expects it – when you’re washing dishes or folding laundry together. You can make even a dull weekday into the most romantic time of her life by popping the question and surprising her with one of the diamond rings of her dreams.





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