Being brought up in the Armenian culture, Simon Ghanimian quickly learned that in order to be a successful man, skills to create, build and fix different things with your own hands, were essential. As a consequence, Simon G. grew up spending time on perfecting his passion for jewelry making, becoming the successful fine jeweler he is today.

Some of the most innovative designs are born in Simon’s modern workshops, and are then developed into superbly crafted Simon G. rings and jewelry. His love for this skill is evident in each minimal detail in every Simon G. jewelry piece. Whether a traditional wedding ring or a bracelet with multi-colored stones, Simon says sitting down and sketching out an idea for a new piece is as magical now as it was the very first time he did it.

According to Simon, when it comes to making beautiful jewelry, no detail is too small to be ignored. He alloys his own metals, working in 18k platinum and palladium. This gives Simon G. engagement rings and wedding bands greater durability and longevity. All pave diamonds are hand set, and then inspected using a microscope to ensure that they reflect light radiantly.

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